His Honor Russell Q.C Received back just over £13,000 ‘I am very impressed with the manner in which you have dealt with this matter, and I know there are still some ongoing inquiries, but I would like to thank you very much in your services thus far.
His Honor Russell Q.C
Mr And Mrs Steane " Many thanks to all at Claimline Direct for their excellent service and amazing results. I received a Cheque for over £6,000, The best thing was i had almost nothing to do it was all taken care of by them. I highly recommend Claimline Direct especially to anyone like me who put off applying, thinking it would take a lot of my time and i probably wouldn't get anything, My advise is leave it to the experts at Claimline Direct."
Mr And Mrs Steane
Mr and Mrs Walker received back over £15,000 'Glad i signed up, brilliant!'
Mr and Mrs Walker
Mr Balmforth " Quick efficient service, result obtained in the time specified, friendly staff."
Mr Balmforth
Mr Barnett "I have nothing but praise for Claimline Direct , I was told by Lloyd's I had no PPI claim, Claimline Direct contacted me saying I had PPI claims and could they act on my behalf. What a surprise, i received several thousands from Lloyd's bank, What a surprise, thank you Claimline Direct."
Mr Barnett
Mr Bunce " Thanks Claimline Direct, We had given up hope of receiving any compensation"
Mr Bunce
Mr Jones "Very good service. I wasn't expecting anywhere near the amount i received. Everyone I dealt with or talked too was very friendly and helpful."
Mr Jones
Mr Ledge " Many thanks for all your hard work and getting a positive response from Barclays bank in st-Albans."
Mr Ledge
Mr McCullough " I was very happy with my claim on my advantage gold account. The claim process was very quick it only took 6 weeks. I was more than happy with customer service team when i called for an update on my claim."
Mr McCullough
Mr Pattenden " Claimline Direct very efficient company, No complaints what so ever, Thank you so much."
Mr Pattenden