Reclaiming mis-sold PPI —How Our Process Works
You need to sign and return a claims pack to Claimline Direct. A claims pack will consist of the following: Letter of Engagement — this is the contract between you and Claimline Direct covering what we will do for you and what we require you to do for us if needs be, such as return requests for information if we need it to help your claim along etc. Letters of Authority — These are letters you must sign which get sent to the bank. They tell the bank that you give them your permission for us to deal with your mis-sold PPI claims on your behalf. We require two signed Letters of Authority per bank we're dealing with for you as we will use one when we ask for a list of PPI you have taken then the second when we send in any and all mis-sold PPI claims you have got. Once you return a signed claims pack to Claimline Direct we first break out your claims into the individual banks you tell us about.
Is there a time limit to reclaim PPI?
Currently there is no set date when reclaiming mis-sold PPI is going to just stop. That's not to say it will never happen as the banks obviously don't want to keep on repaying PPI to clients where it was mis-sold, so they will look for ways to stop it. With this in mind we always advise you make a claim sooner rather than later — there is nothing to gain from waiting to make a claim if you have a lender to look into and possibly claim against.
I want to add another claim to make with a different lender.
If you wish to add any extra agreements just give our customer service team a quick call on 03334432702 and they will add them to you case file.
How to send information back to Claimline Direct in the post
To Post back anything to Claimline Direct simply use the pre paid envelopes we provide for you in our packs. If you need to send any additional information to Claimline Direct you can send your items 1st or 2nd class post and simply send to the addresss below: Claimline Direct Ground Floor Suite A2 Princess House Princess Way Swansea SA1 3LW
I would like an update on my claim
For updates please email [email protected]/ or call our Customer Service Team on 0333 443 2702 Mon - Thurs 09:30-17:30 Fri 09:30-15:00 or use your client log-in details on our online client portal www.claimlinedirect.com/clientlogin/ (please use your unique username and password)
Our Costs
We run a no win , no fee service. So if we can't claim back your ppi there is nothing to pay.
Who are the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)?
The FOS is the organisation that oversees any disputes in complaints that we send to the bank where the bank's decision is to be disputed. They are an independent organisation that will run their own investigation into your mis-sold PPI claim and rule as they see fit. Their decision will be final and you will have to abide by what they decide. The majority of mis-sold PPI claims that are investigated by the FOS are found in favour of the complainant (you) so if your claim does go to the FOS it will take longer to get a satisfactory outcome but the chances are you will be successful. A claim sent to the FOS can take up to 2 years so please, once it has been submitted, be very patient. We will contact you when we have information.
I have an invoice to pay.
If you need to pay an invoice with Claimline Direct please contact our customer service team on 03334432702.
I haven't received my refund yet
It can take a little time from an offer letter being sent to the refund appearing in your account. Please allow up to 16-24 weeks for this to happen. As a matter of standard procedure we continue to chase the banks regarding all claims until they are complete which, in this instance, will be a refund paid to you, our invoice paid by you and all parties satisfied. Our procedure is to send an invoice to a client once the bank has confirmed it is processing payment.
Can I use another company to reclaim any other PPI?
Once you have signed and returned a pack to Claimline Direct you have created a contract with us. This means we are now your claims management company for reclaiming mis-sold PPI from the lenders you have authorised us to do this for. If another claims management company contacts you stating that you have not claimed certain PPI from lenders we are already dealing with, remember they are not telling the truth.